The Metropolitan News-Enterprise Endorses Steven Schreiner For Los Angeles Superior Court Office No. 11!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Steven Schreiner

Los Angeles Superior Court Office No. 11

HERE ARE TWO WORTHY candidates for Los Angeles Superior Court Office No. 11. They are Deputy District Attorneys Steven Schreiner and Paul Kim.

While we believe that Kim would make an excellent judge—he is respectful, fair-minded, and industrious—we perceive that Schreiner has an edge over him in light  of his 29 years of service as a prosecutor, handling 219 felony prosecutions before juries, including 81 murder trials.

Older does not necessarily mean wiser—but in this instance, we do detect that the 59-year-old Schreiner has developed greater wisdom and insights than his 44-year-old rival.

We are aware of Schreiner’s one black mark. On July 23, 2013, in the 10 minutes he was allotted to reargue to a deadlocked jury following a six-week trial, he got so wrapped up in the task of urging those unwilling to convict to pay heed to what the evidence showed that he employed unsuitable language. We are convinced that this was a once-in-a-lifetime slip-up, and that his temperament on the bench will be appropriate.

We stress that we do not wish to demean Kim. He’s ready for the bench. He’s just not as equipped, in our view, as Schreiner. He has some basic qualities a judge should have. He is refreshingly forthright. Asked how many jury trials he has handled, he says “one.” While that reflects his lack of experience, his adding, “as second chair” reflects his integrity.

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